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The Buddy - Consultation App
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Your Health, Our Priority: Listening and Serving You Virtually!

Looking to speak to a trained listener? Need to speak to a registered listener privately? You can now ask a call back from all of them, or you can connect instantly through the chat process. A thorough background check is done when we onboard listeners on our platform.

1:- Consultation on call and through chat:- Speak to the certified and experienced listeners over a phone call and through chat instantly

2:- Available 24*7:- All listeners are here to offer you services on our platform. You can talk to any of them according to your requirements at any time of the day or night.

3:- Services:- Get the best services through our conversational platform according to your need from our listeners

4:- Privacy:- All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

How does it work?
Buddy app will immediately connect you to a listener over the phone call or through chat process. All the services will be provided by the listeners with whom you have spoken.